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Your Other Writing Space

I hope you have a space in your home where you can retreat and write.

I hope it’s a quiet space that’s entirely yours and entirely dedicated to your writing. I hope you can find your way there several times a week for an hour or so of focused writing time that allows you to gain real momentum on your current writing project.

But maybe…

Maybe life doesn’t always work out quite so perfectly for you. Maybe you can’t find a quiet space for yourself, or you had a quiet space for yourself but then your kid’s computer broke and now he needs to use yours to work on his science project.

Maybe every time you sit down to write someone wants to know if you’ve signed the forms for their field trip, or seen their protractor, or if you remembered to pick up the almond milk.

Maybe the desk where you write is also the desk where you keep your 2,678 unread emails and you find that makes it kinda hard to focus.

Yep, I can definitely relate.

What you need is another writing space, a back-up, for when your Plan A doesn’t work out. That way, when you have a little hiccough like this and you don’t have a quiet space to write during the time you had set aside for it, you can use your back-up and not let the immediate moment of chaos derail your writing practice.

Here’s how to set up your other writing space:

  • Get yourself a dedicated totebag or backpack.
  • Print out a copy of your work-in-progress, including your outline or table of contents.
  • Put together a set of your favourite pens.
  • Grab a notebook (or two).
  • Add a book that inspires you or a book on writing craft if you prefer.
  • If you like to work from writing prompts, print a set of those.
  • If you do timed writing sessions, toss in a Dollar Store kitchen timer.
  • If you write on a laptop, pop in your laptop AND (this is key) a good pair of headphones.

Keep this bag always packed and ready at the door or in the car: this is your new back-up writing space. The next time Plan A to write at home doesn’t work out, you grab your new writing-space-in-a-bag and head to your favourite coffee shop for some focused time with your work-in-progress. (The vanilla latte’s just a bonus!)

And if you can’t head out immediately, plan ahead for the next time when you can get away.

Life can be hectic. Planning for life to be hectic will help you build back-up plans to be sure you get your writing time in no matter what chaos unfolds in the week. And having writing options always available to you makes it more likely you’ll be able to fit in the occasional Short Time writing session as well.

Plus you get to buy new pens and a notebook. #nodownside



Your Other Writing Space