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More Reading and Writing In Week 1

It gets better.

This is a quick report on my first complete week in the 30 Day No Netflix Challenge for Writers.

I started the challenge on April 30th, so I’ve completed 8 days so far. The first day or two was not that great, to be perfectly honest.

But it did get better and I’m really pleased to report that as of today, I feel great and am really happy I took it on. More reading and writing is the result so far, which is what I was hoping for when I started.

First, a confession:

I did watch the National Theatre’s production of Frankenstein, with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role as the creature. There was Cumberbutt involved and I am not at all sorry. Technically, it was streamed so I suppose it counts but I feel entirely at ease with this choice.

More Reading and Writing in Week 1

Here’s my short report from the first 8 days of the Challenge:

When the challenge first started, I felt anxious and filled with cravings for just one more episode of Downton Abbey. My workdays were long and I wanted nothing more than to collapse in front of the screen and let my brain ooze out my ears while I binged on season after season of It Matters Not. (That’s not a show, I don’t think…just to say I would watch almost anything at that point!)

About halfway through the week though, and my energy changed. I began to feel a sense of ease and engagement in other pursuits, and I found myself looking forward to some reading and writing at the end of a day.

I bought some fancy new teas from David’s Teas and broke out the teapot to enjoy a cuppa in the evenings as I settled in with a book.

I finished reading a novel I’d started, Deanna Raybourn’s A Murderous Relation, and I also read all the way through a book on craft (Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel by Hallie Ephron), and also finished up one of my research books for my novel, on the intricate details of the Victorian townhouse.

Number of Pages Read: 490

Number of Pages Written: 20.5

Oh, and Mr. Darcy is definitely on board with it because his daily walks went from two 20-minute events to 3 walks a day most days, which definitely makes him happier and sleepier at night too. #methodtomymadness

From a somewhat painful start, it definitely got better! And I am looking forward to the coming three weeks.

How’s it going for you? Come find me on Instagram or Facebook, or shoot me a quick email over to rhonda[at] and let me know how you’re making out with your own 30 Day No Netflix Challenge.



More Reading and Writing