How to Love a Lonely Man

From the publisher:

How to Love a Lonely Man inhabits liminal spaces. In the “lacuna of the airport lounge,” these poems catalogue the distances traveled in human relationships, the disorientation of unexplored landscapes, and the effects of adjusting to new locations and conditions. Rhonda Douglas writes poems that move in search of unfixed borders, pressing against the structures that constrain and regulate.


“Would it be wrong to say these poems have “pop”?  Douglas is staking a claim to the treasure to be found late at night, she’s trying to find a use for men.  And she is writing taut poems that remind us how beautiful the strings sound when properly plucked, how sour when someone is just carelessly strumming….I like the pace of a Rhonda Douglas poem.  I like the precision and I like the playful ease with which she navigates down the page… I liked this collection a great deal.  Douglas has the line that I like – clear as a clarion bell, but never as intrusive.  Her hard won wisdom sneaks up on the reader as though it were their own idea.”

— Michael Dennis, Today’s Book of Poetry. 2 June 2014


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