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About Rhonda

Rhonda Douglas is the author of Welcome to the Circus: Stories, Some Days I Think I Know Things: The Cassandra Poems and How to Love a Lonely Man. She’s a writer with a day-call, an editor and writing mentor.

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  • 4 Ways You May Be Writing When You Think You’re Not

    Do you ever find yourself writing entire paragraphs or sections of your latest writing project in the oddest of places, only to be frustrated when you’re unable to capture the absolute genius of your ideas on paper? Why is it
  • What If You Have an Antidote?

    Friend, if you are paying attention even with just one eye open, it’s a hard hard world. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the horrible terrorist acts in New Zealand yesterday. And my heart broke again this week over
  • 3 Important Reasons for Writing Consistently

    I’ve written before about how annoying I find the (not so?) subtle pressure writers face to be writing daily to be considered “real writers.” But I do believe in the power and necessity of writing consistently, which in my world