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About Rhonda

Rhonda Douglas is the author of Welcome to the Circus: Stories, Some Days I Think I Know Things: The Cassandra Poems and How to Love a Lonely Man. She’s a writer with a day-call, an editor and writing mentor.

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  • Write Without Distractions: 14 Ways That Work for Me

    Distracted is my middle name. Or maybe it’s more of a problem than phrasing it that way let’s on. As in: “Hello, my name is Rhonda and I am distracted.” But in all caps: DISTRACTED. Not all the time, but
  • Writing Retreats: Your Secret Weapon

    Writing retreats are hands-down my favourite way to make substantive progress on a manuscript. At one point in my life, I was a single mother of a young child, doing a Masters degree part-time and working a full-time management level
  • 3 Basic Steps to Creating in the Middle of Everything

    Does anyone remember a time when they weren’t crazy busy? [sits on hands] I have a vague feeling that those halcyon days once existed, along with plaid bell-bottoms and rotary phones, but most days I suspect modern life was essentially