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About Rhonda

Rhonda Douglas is the author of Welcome to the Circus: Stories, Some Days I Think I Know Things: The Cassandra Poems and How to Love a Lonely Man. She’s a writer with a day-call, an editor and writing mentor.

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    For most writers, reading is like breathing, something we do constantly in the background without thinking much about it. Some years I enjoy setting formal #readinggoals and try to get through a certain number of books in a year or
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    Happy New Year! Last weekend I ran a free online workshop to help writers plan for 2019. It was a lot of fun – we looked back at 2018 and thought about what we wanted to be different in the
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    Rejections are one of the hardest parts of writing. We tuck our fragile writer egos into manuscript envelopes and send them out to be dismissed by the cruel, cruel world. Or that’s how we used to do it – now