Winnipeg Review of WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS

“I close the book and weep freely as the rain drives down. Yet rather than depressing me, Welcome to the Circus by Rhonda Douglas is a joyful, whole-bodied read immersing me in a breathtaking range of human experiences. These stories— portraying the weirdness in the ordinary, daily beauties usually unnoticed, and the singular choices we make in response— take us inside the minds and hearts of widely varied characters…”

I think they liked it!

Read the full review here:

‘Welcome to the Circus’ by Rhonda Douglas


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Kerry Clare reviews “Welcome to the Circus”

The lovely and very well-read Kerry Clare recommends Welcome to the Circus for your reading list:

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Publishers Weekly reviews “Welcome to the Circus”

“This debut short story collection from Douglas contains 10 stories, all of which bubble with originality and daring… This is an exhilarating read.”
Read the review.

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Books I have loved. An Interview.

An interview with Open Book Ontario about books I have loved. (For the record, I had to read The Iliad in order to write the Cassandra poems. It kinda grew on me after a while.)
The WAR Series: Writers as Readers, with Rhonda Douglas

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Rhonda Douglas in Thailand

Canadian writer Debra Martens has an interesting blog profiling writers who end up abroad for one reason or another.

This is a post about a trip to Thailand where I glued sandals together and got a hate-on for a rooster. It has a photo of a very young me: check out that baby-face!

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