Welcome to the Circus - Rhonda Douglas


  • How to Start a Writing Group You’ll Love and Get the Feedback You Need

    For most of the past decade, I’ve been in one writing group or another. Mostly for fiction, although I’ve also shared work with poetry friends in smaller numbers (less group, more #girlgang). Deadlines and feedback have been critical to my growth as a writer and one sure way to get this is through sharing your ...

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Writing Mentor, How to Find One and What (Not) To Expect

    Nothing has made more difference to my writing life than working with mentors — writers with more experience than I had at the time who could encourage me to push myself and my writing further than I know I’d have been able to do working on my own. I can’t say enough about how that ...

  • Immense Gratitude for Writers Writing Good Books Right Now

    The world feels upended these days. Is it just since this past November and a certain election, or has it been building for some time?

    Today as I write this, it’s continuing to rain in the Ottawa area and people living near the Ottawa River are sandbagging ...

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