Welcome to the Circus - Rhonda Douglas


  • Immense Gratitude for Writers Writing Good Books Right Now

    The world feels upended these days. Is it just since this past November and a certain election, or has it been building for some time?

    Today as I write this, it’s continuing to rain in the Ottawa area and people living near the Ottawa River are sandbagging ...

  • Looking for something good to read?

    I have read this blog and the blogger (Anne Logan) has read WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS. She has some lovely things to say about my stories, but also about short stories in general.


  • Gobsmacked by Good Reads

    Good Reads is a great site — I use it for finding out about books that others have read but I haven’t yet discovered. And then today I realized that’s how other people use it too. Feeling very grateful for the folks who read the book and took the time to post these generous reviews online.



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