Welcome to the Circus - Rhonda Douglas


  • Self-Compassion and Your Writing Life

    It’s not just me, right? 2017 was HARD, and I’m not sure 2018 is on track to be much better. I had to take a social media break towards the end of the year, just to preserve my sanity and remember a sweet little thing called Hope. How about you?

    Many of us wish the world ...

  • In Which I Confess An Embarrassing Writing Habit

    True story: for a couple of months, I didn’t write anything until I’d spent 20 minutes colouring in pretty fairy pictures with my specially-purchased watercolour pencils and glitter crayons.

    This was a little while before that whole adult colouring book thing took off – and I have to admit, I felt relieved when that happened because ...

  • The Trick That Saved My Writing Life

    There was a time, about a decade ago now, when I could not bring myself to write. I had been seriously working on my writing for a number of years, and had published poems and stories in literary journals, and won some prizes. I was at the point where I needed to be pulling together ...

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